Results 14th March 2015

Very well done to everyone who took part in the Boundary Run on 14th March 2015.  We had a fantastic turn out with 211 runners taking part.

Special congratulations to our winners;

Luke Delderfield – 1:41:15 (MSenior) – Tring RC

Peter Flewitt – 1:46:08 (MVet) – Ealing Southall & Middlesex AC

Elizabeth Barker – 2:07:38 (FSenior) – Headington Road Runners

Harriette Purchas – 2:19:16 (FVet) – Tring RC


Full results can be found by clicking here: Ashridge Boundary Run 2015 Results.

We would very much welcome your feedback either by emailing us or via the Runners World website, please click here to be taken there.

Special thanks to all of the marshals who worked to make the day a great success and to the National Trust who gave us permission to run the race again this year.

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